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  • Monbiot summarize how the US went insane: "AFP [funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers) mobilised the anger of people who found their conditions of life declining, and channelled it into a campaign to make them worse. Tea Party campaigners take to the streets to demand less tax for billionaires and worse health, education and social insurance for themselves."
    And of course the billionaire Robert Murdoch helped out by repeating the same messages on Fox News. What chance did this semi-literates have against all of this?
  • Adorable: "Australian wallabies are eating opium poppies and creating crop circles as they hop around "as high as a kite", a government official has said."
    This story is two years old but somehow made it back into the top ten Most Read this morning (Tues). Perhaps those two most reliable "re-appearers" (LOL what a nonsense word) will show up: "Sudanese man marries goat" and "Condoms too large for Indian men". Those two show up every six months or so on average, and the goat story goes back to 2005. She died a couple of years ago I remember reading, and they had no kids (ba-doom-boom).
  • Oh how I wish the Senate would have the balls to vote this down. But I read an interesting statistic yesterday: for 2/3 Democratic voters, "compromising to get things done" is more important than "sticking to principles no matter what" – the latter being the choice of 2/3 of Republican voters. This describes- in a nutshell (nuthouse?) the schizophrenic nature of the US, and the reason why at some point the whole US economy, which is structured to run on debt, has to collapse. I think sooner rather than later might be better – it'd take the heat off us, for a start….
    Good news hidden in the bad:
    "There were cheers as Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head in Tucson in January, made her first appearance on Capitol Hill. Ms Giffords, who moved through the chamber with minimal assistance from an aide, blew kisses and said: "Thank you, thank you."
  • Hmm. 7 "suspects" shot dead. It's a strange phraseology for troops opening fire on protestors.
  • Comments well worth a read here. if you sort them by highest rated.