links for 2011-09-23


~ by Lynn Duffy on September 23, 2011.

One Response to “links for 2011-09-23”

  1. Hello Lynn, I found you on TheBox and was curious about your location since I rarely get any upload bandwidth, but you’re getting some on Day The Universe Changed (7.22 GB version).
    Then I saw your blog URL. Then I really got curious, because all the entries were identical. So then I did a binary-pattern type search to locate the break.

    FYI, it is at which means that the last 740 or so of your blog entries are idntical… an interesting place (to me) for it to break, since I have a particular interest in the CERN results.

    And I tried to say Hello on Facebook, but you seem to have that function disabled. So I sent a friend request, as that’s the only available action.

    This message may be pointless here, as your site may be hosed, so I will try an IM at TheBox as well.


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