A tumbleweed through the wasteland of my blog…

Yes it’s been shockingly quiet hasn’t it? I spent about two weeks trying to recover all my data but it was irretrievably corrupted. See Tech Bit at the end for anyone who is curious.**

But before I go on – did anyone here see the Chinese F1 GP yesterday?! What a race!! I have to watch it again on the HD version to see the bits I missed watching live.

Right then, back to the blog. I don’t know if things will remain quiet however. I am having surgery on my right shoulder on Wednesday as most of you know, and there will be no typing with my right hand for at least a few weeks: the surgeon said an average of 6 weeks, but it really depends on whether he can do the job through keyhole surgery or has to open my shoulder right up (ugh).

If I am totally one-handed, I think that you’re likely to see links being added, but not much in the way of commentary. Alternately I may be in too much pain to think about the net at all… nah, not possible. 🙂

So it comes down to: See you when I see you! And think positive thoughts for me on Wednesday.

***I got multiple sets of Raid-5 recovery tools, all the right blocksizes, etc… but no joy. However, I found that I had backups of everything on that system that was personal (family movies, docs etc). I have had the bright idea of going through my old backups (I have a final backup of every PC since… I don’t know actually, probably about 1997, to find the torrent files. So I’m a lot happier now that I can get back some of the stuff that I really cared about.

However I bought two new NAS boxes that support RAID 1 – the current ones I have only do 0,3,5 and JBOD

~ by Lynn Duffy on April 18, 2011.

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