How do we form attachments to corporate identities or products?

To demonstrate my point, follow these two shortened links (don’t panic, they are just to eBay): and  As you can see, I am selling two much loved PDA/Phones on eBay.

Times are very tough, me awl hearties. The days when I can continue to hoard all my toys are long gone and how it is time to admit that Palm are never going to make a next generation smart phone. This makes me sad, as I can remember my Palm Tungston T4 being the epitome of cool… to the extent that people on trains in the UK would actually ask me (yes! the quitiscentially english plucked up the courage to ask me!) whether that could really be a book I was reading. Oh yes, I would answer, and continue to take the now nervous looking questioner through the magnificent functionality.

It is thanks to Palm and their PDAs that the earliest part of my eBook collection (let’s say the first 5k) are in PDB format. The Palm eBook reader software is still second to none in sheer comfort and readability. However, they have been eclipsed by specialised eBook readers like Kindle [slight twinge of guilt since I own one, but mitatiging factor is that I don’t actually like it as much]. On the upside, Kindle reads my PDB format books without a peer.

On the Smart phone front however Palm have been not so much exclipsed, as supernovaed by the iPhone and the HTC Desire HD, the former of which I would not touch with a barge pole [reason: Apple seems to have taken on board Google’s reputed motto “Don’t be Evil”, but (possibly through a URL shortener such as ) they have ended up with “Be Evil”.

The iPod turns ten this week. I don’t think I ever bought one, and if I did it was a gift early on. My (underused, thanks to the CD-expension capacities of most modern phones) MP3 player is a Creative Zen (the original one), which I use solely for downloading podcasts which I then listen to in the car. The phone is not a good thing for me in a car, so I use the specialist device. Did I mention I don’t like Apple? Apple will shortly have the largest earnings in the world, mainly on the basis of iTunes sales, which force users to listen to shoddy 128kbps recordings. Research has show than this is the lowest quality reordings people will tolerate before actively complaining. User experience at 192kpbs or 256kb/s will get a much better quality sounds ESPECIALLY IF PLAYED THROUGH PROPER SPEAKERS rather than headlines. The iTunes audio was designed to sound ok when played loudly through poor quality speakers.

Oh dear I think I went off topic. Anyway, here are the links again, maybe you or a friend would like a three year old PDA or SmartPhone. Both in excellent condition, and very useful devices. The Sales also include all the bits like leather/aluminium cases, car chargers, spare batteries that can end up costing as much as the device itself! Any referrals much appreciated.


~ by Lynn Duffy on March 19, 2011.

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