Paul Krugman on media and memory

I love Paul Krugman. He is a liberal (by US standards of course – in his case I’d put him fractionally right of centre in European terms), but he does not apologise for the many failings of the “liberal” -albeit entirely beholden to big business – Democratic party.

Here is his column from last Wednesday, which I didn’t get around to posting until now:

Republicans and Medicare

Hoocoodanode? Politico suggests that Republicans are in a bit of a bind: they want to cut Medicare — in fact, they’ve always wanted to cut Medicare — but they

funneled millions into TV ads last year accusing Democrats from Pennsylvania to Missouri of “gutting Medicare” and “hurting seniors” — charges that compelled older voters to swing en masse toward the GOP.

I have to say that this was the great scam of the 2010 election. The fact that the party of this

managed to pose as defenders of Medicare was truly awesome, a testament to voters’ (and the news media’s) short memories.

If only more US voters would read his columns. After all, whether we like it or not, the choice of US president has a massive impact on what happens globally. It’s criminal that so many US voters receive their news from a proudly biased source like Fox News, who (up till a week ago at least) had SEVEN potential Republican presidential candidates working for them. But it’s not biased until they actually start a committee to investigate running, apparently. Up till that point they are “fair and balanced” like Fox News itself. ARGHH.


~ by Lynn Duffy on March 14, 2011.

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