links for 2011-03-13

A short link post today, partly because most of the news yesterday was repeating the Japanese story, and partly because I was writing for a lot of the day!

  • Some nuclear scientist’s clog is getting overwhelmed with traffic – lucky for him it’s on WordPress. A very interesting post though.
  • Oh dear…. I find it hard to know whether to be pleased for them or dismayed at the potential loss of life.
  • The day before yesterday (Friday 11th March) I bookmarked a story about this guy, P.J. Crowley, and his comments that the way the US Dept of Defence has treated Bradley Manning (arrested on suspicion of leaking confidential material to Wikileaks) was “stupid”. Here’s what I wrote:

    “Do my eyes deceive me or is this a US govt employee talking sense? Expect him to lose his job very soon.”

    How sad it is to be proved right… Mr Crowley “resigned” yesterday. Just goes to show you – never tell the truth if it makes the boss look bad.

  • “Zick Rubin (1944-1997) was an American social psychologist.” This was a little disconcerting. I really was born in 1944 and I really was an American social psychologist. Before I entered law school in midlife, I was a professor of psychology at Harvard and Brandeis and had written books in the field. But, to the very best of my knowledge, I wasn’t dead.
    I’ve done a bit of “ego-surfing” in my time, and found that I’m a long distance runner on the west coast of the US, a doctor, a dancer and a number of other very impressive people. But I’ve never found myself dead!
  • The current volume estimate of all electronic information is roughly 1.2 zettabytes, the amount of data that would be generated by everyone in the world posting messages on Twitter continuously for a century. That includes everything from e-mail to YouTube. More stunning: 75 percent of the information is duplicative. By 2020, experts estimate that the volume will be 44 times greater than it was in 2009. There finally may be, in fact, T.M.I.
    Oh dear… Anyone who has ever connected to my LAN, or heard about my 15TB of RAID5 protected storage will be well aware that I am not exactly good about deleting data. From the sound of this I am contributing to the end of civilisation!

~ by Lynn Duffy on March 14, 2011.

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