links for 2011-03-05

  • I can’t believe it!! after five or six missed dates over the past 6 years, I had given up hope of ever reading this book. The last volume was (to me) a disappointing one, so I hope this one was worth the epic wait. And I hope that the work he’s done means the remainder of the series will move a little more quickly.
  • OK it’s official, just in time for the Labour conference tomorrow. Wonder what happens if the Labour party members turn it down?
  • And yet here in the middle of the Western Ghats, in what can reasonably be called nowhere, I descend into a steep valley and find myself in what will soon become one of the most advanced cities on earth.
    India seem to be going straight to the modern system of a massive wealth gap in society. Skips those rabble-rousing industrial workers altogether.
  • It’s a tough life isn’t it Michael!
  • Anti-semitism seems to be the fallback for bigots when they are angry, drunk or high. I personally have issues with Israeli government policy, but that doesn’t mean that I think all Jewish people are bad!!
  • Fantastic – The are doing a 24-hour marathon on comedy quiz shows. it is being streamed worldwide and not just BBC… @strephenfry tweeted that he was going up to his live QI episode, so that I was just in time to watch. I do believe I will make a contribution once I get some money in my Paypal account. I love Comic Relief – the humour is by far the best way to get people to open their wallets, real or virtual.
    I seriously hope this does not leave me incapable of moving tomorrow. My back is already giving that result its best shot!
  • The usual discussion about people needing to work longer because the public purse cannot afford to pay people pensions for half their adult lives if they retire at 60 and live to 100. Personally I think that other things (mainly peak oil, climate change and extreme weather) are going to play havoc with what we have to come to think of as a normal economic system long before the pension crisis becomes acute. And of course they’ll die off like flies in the cold winters. 😉 Sorry, bad taste!!
  • A very pretty Wikileaks wallpaper. For all the controversy, this website has a hugely important function. There have been tweets from them all day today saying that following the storming (BBC report: here) of the Egyptian secret police headquarters, they are receiving masses of documentation that was taken from the building. Ah, secret police. The number one friend of dictators and autocrats everywhere. Can you ever imagine a police force in Ireland being secret? Not a chance.
  • Then don’t wander around in “free willy” mode with diplomatic visitors and naked teenage girls, you foul pig.
  • Yes but don’t they have to? It’s my understanding (limited though it is) that the board members of public companies have a fiduciary duty to maximise profits to the company. I have never read anything about them having to care about people. If we want companies to behave differently (and I certainly do), we have to change our corporate laws.
  • I spent an hour with [F.W. de Klerk] discussing the negotiated surrender of white rule in South Africa and the echoes he hears in today’s Middle Eastern tremors.
  • Debate centred on the fact that seven potential Republican candidates for US President in 2012 work for Fox News.
  • Reporting on the overwhelmingly young mambers of the uprising in Libya.
  • Fine Gael and Labour are not contemplating a coalition like any they have entered previously. At this stage what they are effectively negotiating is the formation of a national government and the task facing that government is to get the Republic back on its feet and out of the EU-IMF protectorate it has become as a consequence of the past decade’s disastrous policies.
    Yes indeed.This article gives a bit of historical perspective on previous FG-Lab coalitions, and asks what they should do this time, particularly since FF is silenced for the first time in the nation’s history. The government will in some ways implicitly include the *three* largest parties, since FF will – due to its complicity in the current crisis and its ownership of the 4-year plan concept – be silenced on the major issues.
  • Another 5-point plan, this one to prevent us falling into an abyss of self-deception and self-congratulatory deafness in the future. All fine and good now, but where was it five years ago when it was needed?
  • In Ireland, we had a mixed history. Daniel O’Connell campaigned for Jewish rights, including the right not to wear the special dress laid down by English law. Yet in the 20th century, a priest organised an anti-Semitic boycott in Limerick. (His superiors quietly moved him to a Pacific island not long after.)
    Moving problems to another parish as usual then…
  • THE COMING of the e-book threatens to put the paper louse – among several other species – out of business. But the wonder is that nobody has yet invented an e-bookworm, designed to eat literature in electronic form. There must be plenty of old-school authors with the motivation to smuggle, say, a Trojan louse inside the gates of the Google book digitisation project and see what happens.
    Simple answer – there’s no money in it! Despite many claims to the contrary, most hackers are in it for profit, Destroying digital property is not a money-spinner, although perhaps there’s a niche for holding a user’s eLibrary to ransom? Also, I truly love the title of the children’s book mentioned at the start of the article: “Do bugs have bottoms?” Perfect reading material for small kids.
  • Having an actor called (F. Murray) Abraham play Shylock seems a bit obvious. But I like the photo of Antonio in Guantanamo Bay-orange while Skylock appears to be channelling Lawrence Olivier from “Marathon Man”.
  • Dogfight: Conor and Charlie: When the election was called Conor Lenihan and Charlie O’Connor were the two sitting Fianna Fail TD’s in Dublin South West – This is their story as they battle for their local Fianna Fail vote – and their careers …
    Must-listen radio. Fantastic stuff – RTE at its best.
  • OMG, Like SRSLY. Check out the photo of Enda Kenny half-way down this article on the right. He looks like a game-show host! Or possible a dancer… his minders really have to start making him look a bit more presentable and stop him handing out these appalling photo opps.
    The article includes a witty tweet: The most humorous Irish response on Twitter was: “Queen coming to Dublin? Hope they play all their hits and not just their new album.”
  • The Italian prime minister plans to attend all hearings in his upcoming trials, his lawyer has said.
    It’s hard to see how he’ll have time to govern (i.e. gouge) the country then.
  • Having someone called (F.Murray) Abraham play Shylock seems a little like sending up a red flag. 🙂 I thought he was dead though! Just goes to know you. Dressing Shakespeare characters in suits seems the standard these days, but I like the Guantanamo-orange jumpsuit on Antonio as Shylock appears to channel Lawrence Olivier in “Marathon Man”.

~ by Lynn Duffy on March 6, 2011.

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