Hello new readers! The effect of social sharing

I seem to have attracted 20-30 new readers in the last week or two.  Hello!! As we used to say on IRC, /me waves. Any chance of a comment to tell me why you’re here, or what you like about the blog?

I happen to know you are there because I’ve been researching an article today about Web advertising – not my area of expertise, to be sure; and in any case my work was cut short by a recurrence of the €%$&ing sciatica that is going to continue to harass me until I lose enough weight to get surgery (another 2-3 months hopefully).

But I digress, as I so often do. As part of this investigation into web advertising and its effectiveness I took a look at the stats page of the blog, and found some (to me anyway) rather surprising information.

First, I started this blog in July 2009, and the daily link post has been going up since August 2009. The total number of hits on the blog between July 2009 and June 2010 was 2148 (monthly average 179, or around 6 hits per day). Pretty poor – even my family weren’t reading it!

After a year of such dismal performance, I started making more of an effort to comment on the links I was posting, and started hassling my family and friends to visit. I posted a bit more about non-linky things too. Things improved marginally; from July 2010 to Jan 2011 the total hits were 2848 (monthly average 407, daily average 14) over the 7 months. For the first 3 weeks of February it was much the same, only worse: 258 views, or a daily average of 12.

Then I decided to hook the blog up to Twitter and Facebook, so that a link to each  blog post would be published on both apps using the built-in publicise (ahem, I mean “share”) option in WordPress.  I started using these on 22nd Feb, mainly because I was tired of talking to myself, especially about the upcoming election.

In the (counts on fingers) 12 days since I started sharing links to my blog posts on Twitter and Facebook, the daily hit-rate has been an average of 42 – three times what it was previously. In the first 5 days of March it has been 49.

Now I realise that these are not large numbers by the standard of (that rich bitch) Arianna Huffington. But they are pretty dramatic when taken in context, and a definite argument for the effectiveness of social media advertising. I will be taking a look in a month or so to see if this is a one-off increase due to people who know me checking out the blog, or whether my classroom sized audience might grow to fill the school hall. Twitter, Facebook and the nation of Ireland await the answer with baited breath. 🙂


~ by Lynn Duffy on March 5, 2011.

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