links for 2011-03-02

  • Terrific. This kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated in a modern civilised society.
  • Oh, well that makes it all ok then doesn’t it? I’m sure none of them will hold the centuries of pograms and persecutions that were led by the Catholic Church against it…
  • For a happy coalition, just avoid these capital offences – The Irish Times – Wed, Mar 02, 2011
    More wit from Newton’s Optic. He suggests some tips that the new coalition government could pick up front Stormont.
    Fine Gael and Labour should follow our example and aim to produce a document by mid-2012 containing broad agreement that jobs are good and poverty is bad, bulked up with some graphs and pictures of children. [Snip] [N]obody will care about a one-year-late, four-year plan to merge the peat and seaweed marketing boards.
  • Reportage and updates.
  • OMG who cares??? Talentless slapper.
  • We’ll know when the car industry has changed when we see electric supercars. 🙂 For now it’s only the family car that is getting charged up:
    For example, Ford is promising an electric Focus by next year, while a host of others will join the market by 2013, including an electric version of the Toyota IQ with an expected range of 105km. Prototypes will go into tests later this year. Meanwhile, its plug-in hybrid version of the Prius, currently in prototype testing, has been confirmed for production later this year and will go on sale in the next 12 months.
  • I’m not in favour of plagiarism, but I’m all in favour of people using keyboard shortcuts instead of clicking on menus! I remember when I was supporting MS Word 6.0 (remember that one?) back in 1995-6 – it used to be a nightmare getting people to use keyboard shortcuts over the phone, but there was no point in telling them to click on something, because half the time they’d suddenly say (having been told to open Tools/Options) “Ok it’s rebooting now, is that right?”
  • Mr Bhatti, the cabinet’s only Christian minister, had received death threats for urging reform to blasphemy laws.
    We in Ireland can be proud that we are keeping up with the extremist by having brought in our own (crazy, regressive and anti-free-speech) blasphemy law.
  • Far too little, far too late. What a prick.
  • Seems unbelievable – 29 years old, super fit. However she seems to be ok.
  • And that’s a ton up for O’Brien as he runs two to take the standing ovation and gets a chance to show off his peacock-esque haircut. Well played Kevin. Fastest World Cup century off only fifty balls.
    I know SFA about cricket, but I know a century is a good thing. 🙂 And against England, it’s an accomplishment for the ages. Will Ireland produce the biggest upset of the cricket World Cup thus far? By the time this appears on the blog, all will be revealed.
  • This is an interesting article on a old question – can the behaviour of groups of people be predicted statistically? I find myself wanting to point them at Seri Seldon and Psychohistory, from the Foundation novels by Isaac Asimov.
  • Sickening displays of conspicuous consumption in a world where billions are living at or near starvation levels. People do this for the same reason that they have big weddings,big cars and designer clothes. The same reasons that all primates make displays of wealth and/or power – to win a mate and to deter challengers from attacking. Surviving and mating, the who most powerful instincts of all animals.
  • Idiots…
  • Embarrassed Republicans Admit They’ve Been Thinking Of Eisenhower Whole Time They’ve Been Praising Reagan | The Onion
    It’s absolutely mortifying to suddenly realize that the man you had long credited as a champion of fiscal conservatism actually tripled the national debt and signed the largest peacetime tax hike in U.S. history,” said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, adding that he was ashamed to learn that the man he once called his hero stood by silently while the AIDS epidemic exploded. “Frankly, I can’t even believe that fucker had the balls to call himself a conservative.
  • CNN Anchor Interviews Al Jazeera Anchor Who Interviewed Libyan Rebels | The Onion
    NEW YORK—In an effort to provide viewers with an authentic, first-person account of conditions on the ground in Libya, CNN news anchor Kyra Phillips conducted an exclusive, one-on-one interview Tuesday with the Al Jazeera news anchor who interviewed leaders of the uprising. “What can you tell us about what they told you about what the situation is like for them right now?” asked Phillips, going directly to the source of the Arab news network’s extensive on-air discussions with key figures in the rebellion. “‘This fight for freedom has come at a great cost to you,’ is what I imagine you said to them, correct?” CNN has announced it will continue its firsthand reporting on the chaos in Tripoli’s streets from its bureau in Cairo, more than 1,000 miles away.

~ by Lynn Duffy on March 3, 2011.

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