links for 2011-02-23

  • A clearer insight into exactly what is at stake in these battles. The republicans are claiming that the changes in laws are purely to give states more control over their budgets, but democrats say that they are trying to end the political influence of the unions, who have traditionally been aligned with the Dems. One amazing statistic from the piece is that less than 6% (SIX) of private secret workers in the US are union members, as opposed to 35% of public sector workers (also low but not as extreme. It never ceases to amaze me how blatant the republicans are in their intentions to gather all levers of power into the hands of major corporations (not government, good God no – you can't STAY in government, or sell your shares for a massive profit).
  • We can only hope… although the unfortunate people of North Korea are so malnourished that it's hard to imagine them finding the strength, especially against an army of a million well-fed soldiers.
  • It's so sad, and so utterly pointless. It's abundantly clear that he cannot hold onto power. It's like Mubarak – whistling past the graveyard. Mubarak gave a downright bonkers speech on a Thursday evening and was gone by Friday afternoon, However, in that case the army leadership had enough clout to make him go. I don't think there's anyone in the Libyan upper echelons with that much power except the man himself.

    Also – apologies for the lack of content today: I was busy all day and did not have much time for news gathering. There were no major new stories though, so it wasn't a bad day to be AFK. Do you like the new wider text area? Part of what kept me tied up was fiddling with a rather uncooperative style sheet. 😉


~ by Lynn Duffy on February 24, 2011.

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