Changing the tag line of the blog

Update: OK – I over-estimated. 3 comments on a post that has over 100 unique views. Obviously most of my anonymous readers have no opinion. 🙂 I’ll leave this post stuck for one more day and then it’s going.  I still haven’t decided on the new tag line yet. I might just make a list and stick a pin in it. 🙂 I was also thinking of changing the theme, but that seems like too much change. You’ll see tomorrow what I decide on.


I was just looking blankly at the front page of this blog, and it occurred to me that “Whatever I’m at, whenever I think of it.” is really not an appropriate title for this blog. I put it up because I started the blog with great intentions of posting pieces of commentary etc, but lo! the blog sat and did nothing for a long time. I also grabbed so that someone else wouldn’t use it! I think there’s one post there, pointing to here. 🙂

Please click on the More button to read on, as I am asking for some feedback, as well as some suggestions for a new tag line!
I came back to the idea of a blog, but I decided to use it as a link poster, so that I could show people in my own way (i.e.not on Facebook) what I read online. I don’t care to share my daily web content with Facebook, because then it becomes theirs, and the bastards make money for ads while other people read it!

I decided against writing a traditional blog for two reasons. First, if I went the route of the commentary blog (on politics or F1 or whatever), there are so many of them already available. In addition they would not be of interest to the majority of my family and friends. Second, if I took the “blog-as-diary” option, my life is too boring, even to my family and friends! 🙂

So I went with a link format, aiming for width of information rather than depth. It allows me to cover the entire swath of current events, covering politics, technology, F1 and other sports, entertainment… anything really that I choose to link to. This had the advantage that my audience of family and friends would find at least part of the posts interesting. (I hope!) It’s also a resource for quite a few of you who do not have time to read more than the top three stories of any given day; when you come here, you get a broader sense of what has happened in the previous 24 hours.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying it, and I would ask all of you who read here regularly to post a comment on this entry – just “hi” will do, but also any feedback you might have.

You can also tell me what you think of the increased text width  – is it easier to read? – and the new photo in the banner. I wanted something new for spring – if we could see the Clare hills across Galway Bay today, they might look a bit like this. However the bay is currently shrouded in extremely low cloud, as indeed are we: today is misty and grey, the classic “soft day” of the west of Ireland.

And finally, I’d like to hear suggestions for the tag line. I was thinking of “Trawling the web and bringing you morsels of today’s events.” I think it’s a bit clunky though, so if you have a better idea post it in the comments. I will be thrilled to see five comments, so don’t let me down!


~ by Lynn Duffy on February 22, 2011.

3 Responses to “Changing the tag line of the blog”

  1. I like the photo but of course the Clare Hills would be nicer!

    What about “Today’s Hot Topics?” or something along those lines?
    Best of luck with it XXX

  2. I like the idea you had last night: Whatever I read, whenever I think of it.
    My only problem with the one you suggested in your post is that it seems to long and reads a little complicated. (might be my disadvantage as a non-native speaker) I appreciate the (to me) unusual words in it though… 🙂

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