My thoughts on political reform.

This started as one of my usual comments on a link posted via Delicious – specifically on this rather pointless story on RTE today: Poll – 80% of public want bailout renegotiated. Yes, well obviously.

But here is what I think we need to be discussing in the run up to this election:

I’d like to see a poll on the various options for a complete overhaul of our constitutionally established political system, and get an idea what people are in favour of – this is the only way to really change things here. I think a DIRECTLY ELECTED LEADER with (possibly limited) executive power would be good. This could be the president, but not the empty office we have now.  The legislating government in the Dáil would still be headed by a Taoiseach elected by the majority party, but there would be a check on the government via this executive leader.  I think cabinet ministers with expertise should be appointed from outside the elected political party to advise and implement the policies of that party.  And I think a list system is required to get rid of the “stroke” politics, because people then vote for policies instead of personalities.

Those are my thoughts.  I’m sure lots of people would hate them, but I will only really have hope for the political future when people who are willing to put the desperately needed political reform (and not just on TDs pay and expenses) ahead of their own political position.  I have a sad feeling that climate change will give us a frosty day in hell first.


~ by Lynn Duffy on January 30, 2011.

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