links for 2011-01-21

  • I asked my brother this question yesterday – the news reported house prices down, but based on how many being sold? And where?
  • "The Green Party is standing by its commitment to remain in Government until the Finance Bill has been passed. It hopes that climate change and other legislation can also be secured. Spurred on by the farming and business lobbies, Fianna Fáil backbenchers are preparing to revolt over carbon control legislation and in the circumstances, Mr Cowen is unlikely to upset them any further. Political observers have suggested that Mr Gormley would have improved the party’s chances of avoiding annihilation in the election had he left Government, offering to support the Finance Bill from the Opposition benches. But the Green Party is a neophyte in the practice of power-politics."
    I agree, but I'm still voting green. It's the only way to express my most pressing political concern.
  • "Had he been subjected to a contest in the summer of 2008, it might have made a difference to something. But he sought no mandate then, acquiescing in an ill-judged coronation. He inherited the leadership because he was an able party animal, a good number two to Bertie, and above all because it was his turn.

    He has been an appalling Taoiseach. For nearly three years, he has lacked the confidence to stand up and speak of the country’s difficulties in plain English, to offer to the people reassurance, contrition or hope."
    Very well put.

  • "The fact that the Taoiseach ever entertained the notion of appointing new ministers in the final weeks of the Government’s life and that five experienced ministers were prepared to go along with the strategy demonstrated just how out of touch they all are with the mood of the country. That he pursued it in the face of opposition from his Coalition partners was political madness."
    Bored bored bored.

~ by Lynn Duffy on January 22, 2011.

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