links for 2010-09-29

  • John Simpson is so well informed – this is an interesting piece, in which he suggests China is pushing N Korea to move towards a market economy within a communist state, as has developed in the PRC itself. Anything that would get N Korea a bit more stable and predictable and less…. crazy is a good thing. Even if it is the Chinese pulling the strings.
  • Where are our protests? Or is it just that our hole is so big people know the cuts have to happen?
  • One for the Darwin awards there than.
  • Jesus.
  • I'm surprised they even bother reporting these stories any more. They are all riddled with it. Although of course, I myself have often found that my food is contaminated accidentally with cycling performance enhancing drugs, so I can see where he's coming from…. NOT.
  • Not surprised to see him dragging his (presumably recovering) alcoholism in at paragraph 2 of this interview… great cred for that with the Praise Jeebus types. Rush Limbaugh is the same sort… multiple marriages, repeated treatment for drug addiction and yet his acolytes believe every poison word these people speak against a man as decent, intelligent and normal as Obama.
    I'll just say it… the US is fucked. It may take another ten or twenty years for the poorest people to realise that they are living in feudal state.. They'll be facing rising sea levels, reduced services, and an economy geared entirely to servicing the top 5% of the population. Things are just not that bad here… yet. We have massive cut backs but at least there is a political comprehension that the state has a responsibility to look after the basic needs of its people. Even if they're not doing so very well at the moment!!! …the GOP are committed to rolling back the tiny step Obama made on healthcare. GRR
  • Have downloaded the first ep of Harry (Enfield) and Paul (Whitehouse)… looks like fun judging by this review, anyone see it?
    Plus a bit about Joy Adamson's (she of "Born Free" fame) oddities, which I read a book about some years ago. A lot of these ground-breakers were though – Diane Fossey is another one who lived a very strange life, died in… a sort of pointless ways, but the work she did has produced a massive legacy in awareness of the vulnerability of mountain gorillas.
  • How wonderful for us, to see a Murdoch family member (trophy wife) fuck up so royally on TV. A bit hard on the girl, but the fact that they are on the show suggests they are desperate for exposure, and this probably counts!
  • A nice phrase… kettle as in all they do is let off steam. However there is a much more dangerous fringe.
  • Atheists and agnostics do best, and Christians (in the US anyway) do worst. Ignorant even about the thing they profess is most important to them.
  • These people should be prosecuted for more than invasion of privacy, but presumably "freedom of speech" allows any form of torment…
  • For a nanosecond I felt rather sorry for him. especially when he told that story about someone coming up to home and saying "Congratulations on your win, Ed." 🙂

~ by Lynn Duffy on September 30, 2010.

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