This is what I like about Twitter…

…that every now and then you make a connection to people that you are interested in (I won’t say celebrities necessarily), and have a conversation with them, 1-to-1, that you would never otherwise have.

Sara was mightily impressed when I told her about my tweet from Stephen Fry (it was just a thank you), but I’ve had lots of communication with people in Formula 1 – journalists especially: the BBC1 guys such as the 5liveF1 team, Jake Humphrey, James Allen, Joe Saward, etc – that just makes you feel more a part of something that otherwise you are only a distant spectator to.

Here’s the f’rinstance that prompted this post: take Anthony Davidson, who was an F1 driver for a couple of seasons and a test driver for a lot more (and I’m sure is still hoping to get a seat again – he’s a very good driver but it’s very competitive), Anthony does all the commentary on BBC Radio 5 Live with David Croft (who I’ve also exchanged tweets with, including one rather funny one correcting his spelling!). Anthony is new to Twitter, but he posted this photograph (or to be more precise, a link to it) today via his iPhone, while at the track: I posted a comment on it, which you’ll see if you follow the link. He replied via direct message:

antdavidson: Ah thank you. I think? Hehe. Cute picture of your puppy lab btw! On another note my 94 year old Grandmother in law comes from Galway too

… also from his iPhone, and I presume while he is waiting for a flight home from Budapest.. lots of F1 people on Twitter tonight; it must be hell at the airport if they’re resorting to it!

I replied to him with the following: @antdavidson if you can, show her this pic of the Prom & Galway Bay I just took from my window. Memories for her!

and as you’ll see I literally just stuck the camera up to the window and took a picture of the bay. I hope the neighbours don’t see it or they might get snippy! He sent another message afterwards – he wants to get home to see his dog. πŸ™‚

But anyway, the point is that most of the time I don’t get direct responses from the people that I follow. (If you want to see a list of the people I follow, my Twitter name is @lynn_duffy and I use my standard picture of Willow as a puppy. The vast majority of people I follow are F1 related.) But I get their messages – and most of them are from the people themselves, not PR people: they’re not important enough mostly! Things like pictures taken out of hotel windows, bitching about late flights, etc.

So if you’re wondering what Twitter is about, I think it can be different things for different people. Some people are keeping in touch with their RL (real-life) friends. Others are keeping up with headlines when they are on the move. For me it’s mostly getting a bit of immediate connection with people who drive in, work in, comment about or write about F1 – and you quickly work out which person is just writing whatever they want, and which person has hired a PR company to “manage” their Twitter stream. Rubens Barrichello was really angry about an incident in the race today, and when the BBC were interviewing him afterwards he asked people to comment on his Twitter feed as to whether they agreed with him or not… he even gave his handle! It was funny.

Anyway, a fair number of people have said to me that they don’t “get” Twitter, so I thought I would share what I get out of it. I don’t post there much about what I’m doing myself – it’s mainly in response to other people, as you can see in the feed on the right-hand side. I think Twitter is a very flexible tool and can be used in a lot of different ways. I am a Tweeter. πŸ™‚


~ by Lynn Duffy on August 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “This is what I like about Twitter…”

  1. Read as promised πŸ™‚

    I think if twitter had been around in my serious fandom days I might have seen it the same way.

    Maybe next time something really grabs me I will give it a try but for now even Facebook tests my inner personphobe!

    Otherwise it just feels like eavesdropping a bit and I have little I think the worlds would want to know myself πŸ™‚

    Mind you I was all anit-iphone a year ago and now I’ve been converted so who knows…

  2. Ammending email – weekedn fingers

  3. […] that “Why I like Twitter” post? If you don’t, you can go and read it here. However, as the lead in to the new F1 season heats up, I thought I would post a reminder of why […]

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