More fallout from my fall…

Folks I thought I’d write a proper description of all this hassle with my black eye and shoulder problem, and you can read it in your own time rather than me having to tell the same story over and over. So here it is:

As you’ll know, I was taken to A&E last Friday week (9th July) due to a fall and a massive wallop on my head. I had X-rays and CT scans on my head, which were all clear, and I was discharged after 24 hours. After a couple of days I got back into my normal housework routine , and my right shoulder, which had been causing me some pain, began to get more painful. It distinctly felt as though my shoulder was popping in and out of the socket. It was increasingly painful, although I managed the pain with OTC painkillers. On my original trip to A&E they had x-rayed it and told me it was not dislocated.

However, as the pain got really bad I decided to go see the physio in Salthill on Thurs last. He reckoned that in fact there was a dislocation, and identified a step-deformation in the shoulder. So I went to my GP on Friday, and she sent me back to A&E. Oh Joy…

After a 7 hour wait, they X-rayed it (again) and diagnosed a shoulder subluxation. No, I’d never heard of it either, but here’s a nice simple definition:

A shoulder subluxation or instability involves a temporary, partial dislocation of the shoulder joint. The shoulder is made up of a ball-and-socket joint in which the ball of the upper arm bone is normally held in the socket of the shoulder blade by a group of ligaments that connect to the bones. In a shoulder subluxation, the ball of the upper arm bone slips partially out of the shoulder socket.

So on this second trip to A&E, they fitted my right arm with an immobiliser. This basically stops me from using my right arm, although I have had to take it off from time to time just to relieve cramps and deadness in my arm. It’s very uncomfortable at night. A&E referrred me to the Out-patient Fracture Clinic in Merlin Park today (Mon 19th). I saw a very nice Registrar – I think his name was Dr Fash. I was sent for a third set of X-Rays, and he feels that there is a piece of bone broken off the shoulder which normally holds the joint in place. It’s because this bone has (he thinks) broken that the shoulder is repeatedly dislocating, although probably only partially.

So next steps are: A CAT scan on the shoulder to try to see exactly what is going on with the bone fragment in my shoulder. If the news there isn’t good, I’ll need surgery to repair it. HURRAY, not. In the meantime I still have the immobiliser on the right arm, which is a pain and v hard to sleep with. CAT scan this week and back to the out-patients’ Fracture clinic next week. Another many hour wait I’m sure.

So, if you’re religious inclined, feel free to pray that the shoulder is not badly damaged. If you’re not, just send happy thoughts my way. 🙂


~ by Lynn Duffy on July 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “More fallout from my fall…”

  1. I hope things will work out well with you. With all the best..

  2. Poor you. Lots of cyber hugs XXX

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