The three ages of dog…

Just a very short clip, taken through the window this afternoon of Jeff Duffy-Greene (almost 14, retriever – very elderly by dog standards), Willow Duffy (5, labrador – absolutely in the prime of life) and Bo Kennelly (about 9 months, West Highland Terrier, a little ball of energy and affection).

Aren’t they adorable?

(I must investigate how to upload HiDef to YouTube, since I took that with the new camera which is full HD 1080p. Anyone want to tell me?)

We were sorry the other canine member of the family (Lola Duffy of Maree, Oranmore) couldn’t be present, and wish her well in her recovery from a broken leg. All three of the other dogs mentioned her specifically and sent their best wishes.


~ by Lynn Duffy on July 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “The three ages of dog…”

  1. Awww I love them…just watched Marley & Me last night. Cried my eyes out when Marley died!! Hope Jedd defies dog longevity standards and has a lot more left in him!

  2. Jeff I mean not Jedd!!

  3. Jeff is in great shape for his age. He’s on all the right medication and good food. I cleaned his eyes and ears and clipped back his hair and all the tatty bits etc., and he was bounding around the garden as you saw in the clip. He could last a while yet! 🙂

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