links for 2010-03-09

  • At last good news… but there's always a but….
  • This made me so angry I had to stop reading. The news today is just … grim. Watch Newsnight tonight.
  • I saw a Louis Theroux documentary about this family a few years ago – it was called "The most hated family in America". They're the one who go to soldier' funerals holding up signs saying "God Hates Fags" and the DADT policy is the reason that US soldiers are dying. I still have it on a drive if anyone wants to see. The case will be interesting in terms of determining whether the First Amendment right to free speech covers anything as long as it's not incitement to commit a crime etc. I would expect the Westboro nutjobs to win – if not it will be a huge change in the law regarding free speech in the US.
  • Fair City couldn't come up with it. There's been a ferocious number of appalling incest cases recently. God help them.
  • ???? Hard to see it working.
  • I've never understood this. In most US states and all the the UK convicted felons (criminals) cannot vote – often even after release. It strikes at the heart of the debate about what the purpose of prison is. My opinion is that the deprivation of Liberty (and the sheer ghastliness of prison life) is the punishment. However, especially in the US where there is a hugely disproportionate number of non-whites going to prison, it's just a rather subtle Jim Crow law. You do the crime, you pay your dues, and you should be allowed to rejoin civil societyy. Anything else is vengeance, not punishment
  • How lovely. A jury pool so bigoted against minorities, illegal immigrants and particularly Hispanics that they can't find enough unbiased people to make up the jury. Well… a jury of your peers, and unfortunately your peers are a bunh of racist, bigoted, white folks. The few Latinos they found were excused because they might be biased in favour.
    The US is FUCKED. At least Ireland is not alone, and we won't have a race war, we'll just get poorer again.
  • It's a way to make people think, hopefully, about how extreme the anti-gay rhetoric in the US has become. Is it really the most important thing in the world for these people. If other people are gay, and you think they'll go to hell for it, what bloody difference does it make to you? Just get on with your own life, with the guns and the trailers/ Maybe you should worry about things that actually affect your own life, like unemployment, a third of the nation relying on food stamps to have enough to eat, lack of health cover and your minimal unemployment benefits about to run out. Get Jesus to help you out on that stuff, maybe?
  • The war now being fought out in Afghanistan is the one that should have been continued properly since 2001. Bush, Blair and their lies and determination to "take out" Saddam have left the forces fighting the real terrorists in Arghanistan under equipped and dying in ever larger numbers. I'd love to see Bush finally do his National Guard service out there now. See how he bloody likes it.
  • More peaceful Muslims. Chopping up Christian women and children. I KNOW that not all Muslims are like this. But what is it that drives a much larger proportion of them (compared to christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, etc) to go around killing people for being the wrong religion? Even the Protestant and Catholic opposing dynasties in England didn't go around massacring civilians.
  • He should of course. Surely it should depend on whether or not he is guilty of whatever they have charged him with?!? If he didn't do it then he should be freed again; if he did then he goes to jail forever one imagines.
  • Agree 100%. Sitting in silence after a wonderful performance is unnatural and some sort of inverted snobbery. I like what Obama said though… unlike Clinton he has a wife who is very interested in the arts.
  • Yes, that's just what Aer Lingus and Ireland in general needed. Fuckwits. Two taxi drivers get stroppy with the regulator, stage a "sit-in" ad the rest of them take the day off. They should have their licenses revoked and given to people who are willing to work, Between this and the civil servants upping the ante, the fools who cannot comprehend that the money JUST ISN'T THERE NOW (irrespective of whose fault it is) will leave Ireland at the tender mercies of the IMF.


  • I think I'll wait another year at least before looking at these – I don't want to buy an apple one because they tie you into iTunes and all sorts of DRM issues. It's supposedly quite buggy too…. Pretty though. 🙂
  • I walked past a man on Shop Street last Friday with a information desk (next to the Socialist party one, outside Powells) and he was handing out leaflets saying that Islam is a peaceful religion. The problem is that the religious may be, but too many Muslims are not.
  • Creationist believe that humans and dinosaurs co-existed for some short period around 4000BC. They make me consider whether euthanasia might night have its upsides.

~ by Lynn Duffy on March 9, 2010.

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