links for 2009-09-17


~ by Lynn Duffy on September 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “links for 2009-09-17”

  1. Love the new header, gorgeous. Look up Frank Deasy, he’s th guy I told you that I heard on Liveline and he actually died today. I can’t believe it as the impression given was that he had still got hope and time. Joe D kept going on about the ticking clock but I think it was a big shock that time ran out so quickly. POoor guy, 3 small kids and they were his biggest worry. Make sure you all have your donor cards won’t you and get next of kin to sign them. California article had me hooked and am bleary eyed now after going throuah a lot of the comments! Night night xx

    • well I can’t speak for anyone else really, but I’ve been carrying a donor card for twenty years, and the box is checked on my license, and I’ve discussed it repeatedly with Mom and Dad, so that’s the best I can do for now!

      Have to LOL at you getting hooked into comments… that happens to me, and I end up reading one bloody article plus comments for an hour! The Guardian commenters are quite clique-ish though, and although I’m registered there I very rarely participate…. it’s the same argument over and over no matter what the article is about! There are a few raving right-wing loonies who spend their time baiting the liberal masses, and it can get quite tedious sometimes, but on the other hand you get some very interesting stuff too… much better than the HYS (Have Your Say) crowd on the BBC, who tend to be much less well informed than the Guardianistas.

      One rather funny thing.. the post I made yesterday about national stereotyping got linked on an F1 blog (, which is on my list of links and a site I visit every day during the racing season). Normally I get 2-4 page views a day… in the 24 hours since that was linked I got around 150! I’m sure none will stay of course, since there’s not much F1 stuff here. I’m half tempted to set up an F1 blog actually, just to post the many many thoughts I have on the subject, which no=one around here is interested in!

      Talk to you tomorrow anyway.

  2. OOOOO that’s exciting!! Come on I’m waiting for my new links!!! Only kidding. Strictly is coming on again at 8.3o so there go our weekends from now til Christmas! Sxx

    • The links go up using an automated process actually – I bookmark throughout the day whenever I happen to be surfing, and then the ones from the last 24 hours are posted at 10pm each night. 🙂 If there’s a different time that would suit you I can do them earlier or later!

      • Ahhhh! Thanks for that! It’s ok I’m browsing through the other ones I hadn’t time to read.

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