Just checking in…

I haven’t been so inclined to post updates recently because Dad’s condition is much more stable these days. He’s stopped trying to walk so much, and is just using the Zimmerframe to go to the bathroom, etc. – otherwise he is doing non-loadbearing exercises that the physio gave him, and his pain has decreased again thank goodness.

Otherwise things have been quiet enough – I’ve had the girls one or two afternoons a week until S finishes work. I’ll really be lonely for them when the does! I was at the dentist again and had two massive fillings taken out because there was decay under them. The dentist cleaned them up and put in new ones – hopefully they’ll hold for a bit. But unfortunately, whatever poking around he did has given me massive new pain in three different teeth. It’s more likely sensitivity really – if I’m breathing through my mouth, or talking, or eating/drinking something hot or cold. But it keeps happening and it’s like having a needle stuck up through my gum – bloody agony. I’m going to try to wait a couple of days before I go back though, in the hope that it is related to the drilling and so on, and that it’ll settle down.

The other main thing this week is Mom’s cardioversion procedure on Thursday. Hopefully all will go well, and if she can even get a few days of normal rhythm it’ll give us an idea of how much impact the arrhythmia is really having on her energy levels etc. Fingers and toes crossed that all goes well.

The F1 circus continues to lurch from scandal to leak to discplinary hearing… the current scandal should hopefully be resolved one way or the other next week. Lotus have been announced as the 13th team for next year, but it looks like the only connection they have to the original black-and-gold Lotus team of the glory days is the rights to use the name. Time will tell!

Willow is snoring on my feet… I’ll post a few funnies in the next couple of days which will hopefully amuse someone!


~ by Lynn Duffy on September 15, 2009.

One Response to “Just checking in…”

  1. Thanks for the update and don’t worry you’ll see just as much of the girls and more of a much less tired and cranky me (I hope!). Talk tomorrow re Mom pick up etc Sxx

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