I need F1 friends! or to join a F1 forum

Here’s what I posted on F1fanatic.co.uk a little while ago. I’m sure that my immediate family and friends won’t get it at all but I’m just posting it here because this is what I was writing about tonight!

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Thanks for that update Keith, it helps me makes sense of the whole situation.

“Regardless, McLaren is forging ahead with its road car development programme which anticipates 1,000 sales by 2011 and the development of future models. In July Woking Borough Council approved its request to extend its production facilities.”

When you do the maths here, 1000 cars @£160k each is £160m. That’s a bloody lot of money if they’re really confident in the car they’ve built – and they seem to be. The really super-rich will always be able to buy these cars if they want to, so this end of the market might not be hit quite as hard as road cars… how many Smart cars would M-B have to sell to raise £160m? 🙂

I think, TBH, that the McLaren Mercedes brand is well esbtalished, and that the two sides are both gaining a great deal from the situation as it is now.

I ALSO think that McLaren don’t want to sell any more of the team to Mercedes because they want it to remain McLaren.

So if Mercedes want a larger say in an F1 team, buying into Brawn, who have great marketability and a great technical base, is the way to go.

I see it working out fine – McLaren Mercedes progressing as they are, with the excellent F1 engine from Mercedes, and the (usually) fine chassis from McLaren. The racing is managed mainly by Team McLaren, with Norbert (or similar) sitting there to oversee the engine side of that.

Brawn Mercedes will be a team, I’m guessing, with much more direct Mercedes input into the running of it at a high level (drivers and other personnel), but again with the chassis of course from Brawn and the engine from Mercedes. And when the Brawn team do well, with the lower budget, Mercedes walks away with lovely actual money as a result. 🙂

Sounds extremely sensible to me. Don’t they say that the people who make money in recessions are those who buy the assets that others (in this case Honda) sell at knock-down prices? And since in this case Brawn bought the team for $1, whatever Mercedes pay for the team is pure profit.

Winners all around. Except Honda, whose bad timing has made them look soooo silly.

(was that emphatic enough?)
The strong situation that Brawn has found itself in is all credit to Honda, and the way that they managed the process of leaving F1. They handed the team over to the management and gave them a starting budget. They behaved extremely honourably, and into the deal they probably forked out less than they would have in redundancy packages.

Now look at what BMW did. They failed to sign the Concord agreement, and as Joe Saward and others have pointed out, wiped about $80 off the value of their asset, and made it much harder to sell as a going concern. Even if they now sell it to Peter Sauber for €1 (and the word is they are looking for €65m) he has all the hassle of trying to get an entry again for next year.

So BMW have shown us how NOT to leave F1. They’ll probably end up paying more in redundancies than they would have lost by selling to PS for whatever he was offering the night before the Concorde cut-off date.

No wonder BMW are not very popular.

Sorry, I went off in a tangent there a bit, but I’m still frustrated that we may lose a good team from F1 due to corporate mismanagement.

Back to the main subject – I see McLaren Mercedes and Brawn Mercedes competing against each other successfully just like Williams Renault and Benetton Renault did in the 90s, and McLaren Honda and Lotus Honda did in the late 80s.

People forget that things change, and then they change back. 🙂

Sorry for going on a bit.


~ by Lynn Duffy on September 10, 2009.

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