Quick hello, and Renault’s race-fixing

There hasn’t been a lot happening here. Well there has, but it’s not very interesting. 🙂 I took the folks up to Tullamore on Thursday to get their eyes checked. Yesterday Dad had physio, and we’ve decided to go back to having the physio visit here instead of taking him down to their clinic. It’s a bit of a struggle to get him down, and since he mostly needs help with exercises etc, it makes more sense for her to work with him here. A bit more expensive of course…

C rang Mom this morning – she is in Vienna at a meet-up of the people from the online bridge club. Sounds like she is having fun, as usual!

Lots happening in F1 this week – Renault are being hauled up in front of the beak on disrepute charges. They’ve been accused of asking Nelson Piquet Jr (who was fired a few weeks ago) to deliberately crash his car during last year’s Singapore Grand Prix, at a strategically fortuitous time for his team-mate Fernando Alonso, who went on to win the race having qualified a lowly 15th. TBH my immediate reaction at the time was that they had probably fixed it… Flavio is as crooked as they come, and Alonso has shown himself willing to do anything to win provided he doesn’t get his own hands too dirty. A common characteristic of almost all the great champions, and possibly a prerequisite!

It’ll be fascinating to see what happens at the World Motorsport Council in a couple of weeks – the FIA must have some fairly compelling evidence in order to bring the case at all. I remember being quite surprised at how dramatic the evidence against McLaren was in 2007, so I’d imagine it’s the same thing now. One way or another though, it’s hard to see Renault staying in the sport after this. Perhaps Ferrari will get their wish and be allowed to run a third car next year to make up the numbers. 🙂

Hmm, I found a bit to write about after all!


~ by Lynn Duffy on September 5, 2009.

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