Eau Rouge

This is a great photograph of Timo Glock’s Toyota on the climb up the famous Eau Rouge corner at Spa Francorchamps. Thanks to f1fanatic.co.uk for the photo – it really shows just how steep it is. Remember, after the compression of the dip at the bottom, the drivers go up that hill at 180MPH!!! At the top the cars leave the ground momentarily before they continue; all the see as they crest the top is the sky above!

Amazing… this is why we love Spa, and why some of the newer tracks are inevitably producing snooze-fests. Istanbul, the best of the new generation of tracks, also contains a lot of changes in elevation.

With Fisichella on pole, and not running on fumes, somewhat to everyone’s surprise, tomorrow’s race will be a classic.



~ by Lynn Duffy on August 29, 2009.

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