RIP Teddy Kennedy

BBC obituary up almost before the news report of his death. Guardian obit here. He’s the last of that generation, since his sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver died a couple of weeks ago. I’d question a lot of his behaviour back in the 60s, but he introduced a huge amount of legislation that was genuinely liberal/progressive, and I’m hard-pressed to name another Senator who you can say that about.

And God knows liberal/progressive legislators are in short supply over there… have a read of this story from yesterday’s New York Times. It’s truly chilling – my stomach was churning reading it. It reminds me a bit of a book I read years ago, about how efficiently the Nazis planned the railway timetables that carried people to concentration camps – everything timed to the minute. Behind all atrocities lie politicians, whose evil plans are carefully implemented by civil servants, it seems.


~ by Lynn Duffy on August 26, 2009.

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