Dad and Shakespeare

I finally managed to find something Dad is enjoying – audio versions of all the Shakespeare plays and sonnets. 🙂 No nasty violent pictures, and he can follow along in his Pelican Shakespeare text… he’s quite impressed that with MP3s I managed to get 10 plays (26 hours) of audio onto a single CD; he thinks of them as 80 mins!

He had a bit of an episode today, where he lost his co-ordination and speech for a few minutes. We’ve seen this before but it’s always a bit frightening. However he has bounced back again after a bit of a lie down – it seems to be related to a problem with his pillows last night that left him with a lot of neck pain. He has the right pillows tonight, so hopefully it’ll be ok. I brought him to the urologist today for a review of his test results, and the upshot is that although there isome minor problem, it’s not serious enough to warrant surgery. We have a baseline now at least, for comparison if the situation changes, but as long as he refrains from drinking buckets of tea late at night he should be ok.

My teeth are still very sore – dentist tomorrow. Woohoo. 😦


~ by Lynn Duffy on August 10, 2009.

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