Sleepless in Salthill

Didn’t get a wink of sleep last night, though i really don’t know why – congested and sinusy, but that wouldn’t normally keep me awake all night!  Several other people in the family said they had bad nights too, so maybe there was something in the air. 🙂 At least it was a better day today – a few little showers but now that the Bank Holiday has passed the weather has relented a bit.

I went to the dentist at half nine to pick up the splint and get it checked – it’s just a moulded piece of fairly tough clear plastic that fits over my lower teeth to stop me grinding them together at night.  It feels very strange so far, but S had one and said she got used to it .

S dropped the girls over for the day as A wasn’t feeling well, and there was no way that E would go to the summer-camp (same place as after-school in the winter, but presumably there’s no homework in the summer) without her big sis, so we had the two for the day. I took Dad out to the Bon Secours for half one – his tests took about an hour, and though we didn’t get specific results the nurse said it was fine. Presumably we’ll hear from the consultant in due course. Back home by about half three – poor old Willow was sick while I was gone: loneliness no doubt. Nah not really – she raided A’s cherry-flavoured “Soothers” from the kitchen table and they don’t seem to have agreed with her. Nothing serious though.

Since then just doing bits and pieces, and trying to stay awake till a sensible time (like now!) so that hopefully I can get back onto a better sleep schedule. Bedtime now. ZZZZzzzzzzzzz


~ by Lynn Duffy on August 4, 2009.

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