Monday funny plus update

As a little reward for any of my friends and family who stop here to see what i’m up to, I’m going to be posting short clips from my favourite shows – generally one-scene gags that will hopefully give you a giggle. The videos are going up on youtube, so let me know if they disappear or the links don’t work.

Today I’m starting with a short clip from a fourth season episode of Family Guy called “The Fat Guy Strangler”, in which our obese protagonist Peter Griffin sets up the NAAFP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored Fat People) in an effort to motivate his people to take action in their own defence.

Hope that gave you a cheap laugh. 🙂

Edit: Blodoy youtube whipped that clip down in short order. I found a much lower quality version of it that is now linked… will have to look into upgrading my blog to include video, but it’s $6o a year, so I’ll see if anyone watches them before I fork that out. 😀

More back trouble today – NJ is starting to get sore as well, and there’s no doubt that carting the wheelchair up and down the stairs is a big part of it, so I went over to the Homecare Medical Shop and got another one to leave downstairs. It was a little bit cheaper (just over €200) as they had some new stock in.

I also took Dad to the doctor this afternoon to investigate this pain that is keeping him awake at night. Dr Ó Chonghaile was away so we saw Dr Eoin, who is young and very attractive. 🙂 Anyway, after giving Dad a thorough exam he said there are three possible causes for the pain. The first is a problem with a disc in his spine, probably L2 or L3. I’m fairly sure the surgery he had before was on L4. He’s going to refer Dad to Mr McCabe, who did the surgery on his back previously, to investigate this. He said an MRI would help establish this, but we’ll get Mr McCabe’s opinion first, because if we get an MRI, Dad’s shunt will need to be reprogrammed and that means a trip to Dublin.

The second possibility is muscular/tendon damage around his pelvis area – basically a groin strain (links to Wiki entry and Sports clinic description of groin strain). There is still visible bruising there, even after three weeks. I’ll mention this to the physio tomorrow and she can work on his adductor muscles to see if this helps to relieve the pain. This seems the most likely thing to me, and should ease in another few weeks if it is the source of the pain.

The third possibility is a hernia, and he had a couple in the past. However the doctor couldn’t locate anything, and said this is the less likely of the three.

We also got medication to reduce the pain at night and help him rest.

My back is still sore! But hopefully this will start improving now we aren’t lugging half a car up and down the stairs anymore. 🙂

Latest on Massa is that he was genuinely in danger yesterday and would have died without that surgery, and also that he has an eye injury that may put an end to his driving career. Grim news, but at least he’s alive.


~ by Lynn Duffy on July 27, 2009.

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