That was a great race

First there was fairly reasonable news about Felipe Massa – he’s still in an induced coma, which I think is fairly common with this type of injury. His brain has had some nasty bruising, so really it’ll be several days before they know what the prognosis is. Much speculation online that Ferrari might draft Michael Schumacher in as a replacement. I can’t see it happening, even though he’d have four weeks to get back into training – he would have too much to lose, and by all accounts it was partly pressure from his wife that got him to retire in the first place. We’ll see – I think it’ll be Gene in the car for Valencia in four weeks time.

The race was very interesting though, especially by comparison with previous races at the Hungaroring – there were actually a few overtaking maneouvres! There was a lot of tactical stuff going on, and I was amazed at how inconsistent the lap times were. Even the top drivers had differences of up to a second between subsequent laps.

It’s nice to see McLaren and Ferrari on the podium again – I had 50p on Webber to win (which I lost) and 50p each way on Lewis (which paid £3.40). So I came out £1.90 ahead. It’s quite fun to have that little extra bit of interest!

Things are quiet here today – my back is still quite sore, so I’m just trying to do as little lifting and carrying as possible until it recovers a bit. Yummy pasta pesto for dinner. 🙂


~ by Lynn Duffy on July 26, 2009.

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