Most chaotic Qualy session I’ve ever seen!!

OK that was mad! First poor Felipe Massa had a very nasty shunt at the end of Q2, after he was clobbered on the head by a piece of Rubens Barichello’s car. He seems to be ok although I haven’t seen yet whether he’ll be fit to race tomorrow.

So the Q3 session was delayed until about ten past three, and then when it did start, the entire timing system crashed with about 3 minutes of the session to go. No-one knew who had got pole position for several minutes, and we were treated to a really hilarious series of shots with Fernando Alonso wandering around Parc Fermé asking everyone what time they did! In the end Alonso got pole, but it seems fairly clear that he had decided to run light and take a glory run to get it – Eddie Jordan said that Fernando told him on the way to the circuit this morning that he would be on pole, so clearly the decision was made early. The two Red Bulls were behind him, with Vettel ahead of Webber. I was rather hoping Webber would be in front, but he may actually get a better start from the clean side of the track.

Anyway, it was nice to see the McLarens back towards the front (4th and 7th), but the Brawns are not looking so hot here. That bookie who paid out on Jenson Button last month (was it Paddy Power? I forget) must be feeling a bit of a tit right now, LOL!

Update: Massa is out of tomorrow’s race. Poor lad, this circuit is not a lucky one for him!

On the home front all is quiet; a guy came today and cleaned the gutters and fixed a few tiles. Dad slept better by keeping the lumbar roll on his back overnight. We might need to get a second one.

No other news.


~ by Lynn Duffy on July 25, 2009.

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