Out and about

Took Mom and Dad down to Salthill for a coffee. It’s quite an expedition these days… My back still really hasn’t recovered from the day Dad fell (when I turned around in Athlone and came home again) – it’s definitely hard to manage the two of them and the wheelchair, but it’s worth it because it really does make Dad feel like he’s still a part of the wider world.

Also went to the pharmacy for Mom’s new meds, and the pharmacist (someone called Joanna, who I don’t remember meeting there before) said that this new medication increases the effects of the Warfarin. So I need to be on the lookout for bleeding, extra bruising etc., and we need to get the bloods checked early next week. Will ring the surgery on Monday to check this. Mom was quite miffed that the pharmacist wanted to get onto the doctor and confirm that he knew about the interaction; she said the pharmacist had ” a cheek”…. more to the point, she has a liability! Anyway, I’ll try to keep a close eye on her for any symptoms.

Also, got onto the physio about getting a new mattress for Dad. Apparently if we want to get it through the medical card, we need to get onto Community Services – but surprise surprise, there’s usually a wait. If we get one ourselves, we need a triple sprung mattress without too much memory foam. She suggested a crowd called the Bedroom Company who are out on the Tuam Road. No answer there but I’ve left a voice mail – may as well get a price anyway, although it’ll probably be a steep one.

Dad is improving all the time; he was able to get a few steps out to the car today, but he is still tired very easily. It’s going to take a long time!


~ by Lynn Duffy on July 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Out and about”

  1. Old age isn’t great – though I am sure that they don’t think that they are old! Your parents are so lucky to have you there to help them. I am sure that they enjoyed getting out to coffee. Mark has just surfaced (6.40pm!) after 10 hours sleep and John has gone in to met friends. I was out in the garden – nothing exciting just weedng! I have been reading a very good book of John’s (50 things you should know about mathematics!) as he wants to take it back with him after the w/e. I went to Moycollen market for the first time (it started about a year ago on friday afternoons). It is similar to Galway market but smaller – should do well. Good to support them as lots of home made cheeses, relishes, breads, cakes etc plus plants, pottery, crepes, vegetables etc etc. Gerard has just arrived back from work 6.45pm! and he is retired! so will go and get some dinner. R

    • Sounds like a busy weekend coming up for you! That market sounds lovely… let us know sometime when it’s on and maybe I can wheel the oul pair out for it. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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