A couple of photos

Here is the moment (last Friday) that C got her surprise present – J home from Australia.

The moment of revelation

The moment of revelation

I love that photo; it really captures the moment.

And then here’s one of my little poochie – not home from Australia, but it was a lovely shot of Willow that I took just to finish off the roll of film. I’m such a stereotypical single childless woman, posting piccies of my dog!

My poochie

My poochie

You can see two other major items in my life – my dream machine (the green Hyundai AtoZ outside the window) and Dad’s wheelchair, which is rather the bane of my life at the moment. Lugging it up and down the stairs is a killer! Also – first time I’ve had to scan in a printed photo in quite a while… digital ones are much easier to fiddle with. My scanner is a combo in the printer and only does 600 dpi… I know there’s a 1200 dpi flatbed scanner in the shed, but it seems like too much hassle to get it out. 🙂 You can see how cute she is anyway!!

F1 in Hungary this weekend. It’s traditionally a boring race, but with the new kid (19 years old and no testing experience!) starting his first race, and the McLarens looking good for a podium, it might be worth watching.

There’s a really mad story in America at the moment, about (ahem – possible) police racism. There’s a very good diary on Kos that gives a bit more background… I first read about it last weekend on a site called The Root which I rather stumbled on – it’s aimed at African-Americans, but I followed a link there, and then spotted this story. Honestly, with all the other stuff going on in the world, and the struggle to get some form of public insurance option for the 60m people in the US who don’t have coverage – it’s insane that the media over there are spending their time on this.

One last link… this is a link to a dKos diary, but the bit I want people to see is one screen down – a long clip from Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, addressing the concerns of those citizens who believe that Obama is Kenyan, and therefore not eliglble to be US President. I’m going through dKos because I can’t find the clip to embed it myself. This is hilarious. 😀


~ by Lynn Duffy on July 24, 2009.

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