I hate my teeth

I didn’t get up to much today! The party went very well last night – everyone showed up, and we had tons and tons of food as usual! Willow had great crack with the kids, and there were lots of great photos taken. All of the family were there, along with N Fitz. Dr. R and Dr. G J were there as well, which was nice but I didn’t really talk to them – or anyone – very much. I was not in good form because my teeth were getting worse and worse as the day went on; more on that below. Mom, Dad, C, M(G) and J(G) stayed around for ages watching the DVD of videos Dad made for C. I could hear the laughter coming up from below – really glad that Dad could see everyone enjoying it. He stayed down much later than he intended to I think; he was pretty tired today.

I found yesterday tough going – when I got home from S’s with the girls my teeth were really starting to go nuts. I did a fair bit of work for the party in the afternoon, didn’t eat a lot though. I did a bit of leaning up and ended up having to lie down for a bit because my front teeth were so zingy that every time I talked it hurt! So I was at the dentist today and got two fillings… my gums are hurting a lot tonight, but the nerve pain has gone. The bloody dentist told me that I am over-brushing… this after telling me I needed to watch my hygiene last time I was there! Which was only a week ago. She also made an impression for a splint, which is the rather surprising name for the thing to stop my grinding my teeth in my sleep.

My back was killing me today as well – I pulled something while shifting boxes out in the shed yesterday to get the HP books out for A. It was worth it though – she looked delighted to have them. 🙂 I’m sure it’ll be ok in a day or two. I feel like I haven’t had a healthy day in weeks!!

C and N took Dad to the physio today, and rather unexpectedly she said that his trouble is disc-related rather than a ligament. I think there probably was ligament damage too, but it’s a lot better now. Dad was quite down this evening – I think because he’s now facing a longer recovery, and also that he has to do exercises etc. rather than just taking tablets! A lot of the problem seems to stem from his posture, and the physio is going to come out to the house and work with him here. She’ll also check the chairs and bed to make sure they’re suitable. We’ll all have to work at it, though I’m wondering if we should take him back to Mr McCabe rather than just relying on the physio for a diagnosis. It just goes to show how much damage even a relatively minor fall can cause at this stage.

Mom was totally wiped out today. She did way more than she’s used to yesterday and it took its toll. She has an appointment with her cardiologist on Thursday, and she’s quite keen to talk about getting the ablation done. Must remember to print out the stuff I found before and make sure she knows what is involved.

The last patient in the house is Willow! She’s been eating like mad recently – just today she got at the pavlova, ate another half pound of butter, and swiped the leftover bits of meat that I had left in the utility room for her dinner… and that’s just the ones we caught her at! While she’s always a pig, she’s never been eating food that is left on the counters before, so I think she must have worms. I called at the vet after the dentist and got her a dose of worming tablets, and will keep an eye to see how she does. She hasn’t quite been herself for the last few weeks, so hopefully this will help.

That’s enough for now… hopefully will sleep ok, after sleeping about 14 hours last night and this morning! Needed it though. Night night…

Photo of the whole lot below:

The Clan

The Clan


~ by Lynn Duffy on July 22, 2009.

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