C’s big day

I’m over in S’s house at the moment baby-sitting. They’re so good really – I fell asleep during the “Garfield” movie and was snoring away and they didn’t wake me up. 🙂 E seems ok today – a bit of a bump on her forehead and a huge one on her knee, but she’s happy enough. They made a beautiful card for C’s 50th.

I’ll be heading back over shortly, to the insanity of M preparing for a few guests. I’ll have to put on my “Yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir” hat, as I’ll be under constant orders for the afternoon. I do feel much better today, although my teeth are bothering me still. Hopefully getting this thing to stop the grinding at night will be a big help, as my jaws are aching in the morning. Dad had another rough night, but the weekend’s rest will stand to him this evening.

I watched the X-Files movie – the original 1998 one – last night. It was a lot better than I remembered, though it is very much just a triple length episode of the show, and like every episode ever of the show, they don’t resolve anything. Heigh ho, it’s the nature of episodic television.

I finished that little vest thing for N. I hope he likes it – not sure if he’ll really get much wear out of it. I think I’ll get C to try it on as well, see if she’d get any use out of one, as they are very easy to do.

Very sad to see that John Surtee’s son Henry was killed in an F2 race on Saturday. He was only 18… Motorsport is more dangerous than I like to think about I suppose.


~ by Lynn Duffy on July 20, 2009.

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