End of the world

Just posted on a dKos thread that rather mirrors my mood today.

I slept most of the evening yesterday, woke up around 2am and threw up several times during the night. Not that there was much to bring up! I had terrible pins and needles too. Dunno what the hell this bug or whatever is, but I’m definitely run down at the moment – have those sores at the corners of my mouth again. I’m trying to take that Fosfor tonic, but that wouldn’t stay down either… Feeling a little bit better today but still terribly tired and a bit wobbly. Luckily there’s not too much going on today – tomorrow we have the party, so there’s a lot to get done before that.

Poor little E had a fall this morning and got a nasty bump on her head. She seems to be ok though – I think S got a worse shock! Dad feeling a bit better again today; there’s no doubt that the bed rest is probably the best thing provided he doesn’t stiffen up too much.

Nothing much else to report – almost finished the vest for N, so will get it done tonight if I can keep my eyes focused. 🙂


~ by Lynn Duffy on July 19, 2009.

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