Upsy daisy

An early start today – by my standards, anyway. A big day today of course… J will be home tonight, the surprise present of the year. I have an appt to get my nails done at ten, hope to meet S around twelve, and then taking Willow to the vet at twenty past two. The gang will all be arriving here around 7 or so, and then there was talk of going out tonight but I don’t think I’ll go along.

New toothache today, along the gumline lower incisors. Definitely think I have gum disease, but for now just keep brushing and flossing. Ow!

Bourdais officially got the boot yesterday, and Jean Todt officially announced that he’s runnning for FIA President. No surprises there then. I watched “Bad Blood” last night (S5 Ep 12), which is the highest rated X-Files ep on Very funny, but not one of the ones that has stuck in my mind over the years. I’m just about half way through the show now, and sadly, none of the top ten rated eps fall in the second half of its run. Anyway, time to go now!


~ by Lynn Duffy on July 17, 2009.

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