Kos v Freepers

I can’t sleep – teeth driving me nuts.  I’m going to have to ring the dentist in the morning.  Eep.

I’ve been wading through a massive thread on dailykos.com about racist comments that were posted on freerepublic.com about Malia Obama.  Yeuch.  It’s so hard to believe that people can think that way.  I actually stopped visiting dailykos for a while because, although it’s a liberal site, you still get a sense for how insanely right-wing the opposing side is.

I’m still glad I don’t live there, even with Obama in place…there’s just something fundamentally wrong with a country that brainwashes its population to believe that they live in the best country in the world. Why can’t they just say “we live in a great country and we love it”? Why does it have to involve knocking all other places by inference? Personally, I live in a good country. It has good points and bad points, and I love it. Isn’t that a more rational, grown-up way to be patriotic? I worry about the US – I wish people there, on both sides of the political argument (right wing and extreme right wing) could just be less certain about things. Maybe it’s something in the education system.

Oh well, will try to sleep again.  Willow is giving me a dirty look because I turned the light on again. 🙂


~ by Lynn Duffy on July 13, 2009.

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