Bloody Dick Cheney

As in “Bloody Mary”.  How many deaths on that man’s hands?
The latest is that he instructed the CIA to lie (illegally) to Congress.

I always find myself thinking back to what he said when asked why he got five deferments of his draft for Vietnam: “I had other priorities in the 60s”. Like the other poor bastards didn’t?

I hope he gets arrested for treason or something. He gives me the willies in the most serious way… I keep hearing Nixon’s voice saying “I am not a crook”.  He almost makes me want to believe in hell, because if there was one, he’d be destined to spend eternity there.

Remember when he said people who didn’t support Bush after he stole the 2000 election were un-American?  No doubt about Obama’s victory and yet Cheney is happy to slag him off.  He should take a leaf out of Bush’s book and disappear back under the same rock that he was squatting under for the last two years of his VP term.  But of course, he needs to protect Halliburton and make sure there’s lots of nice, profitable wars in which other people’s kids can die.

He makes our politicians look so decent by comparison – they only make us poor.  At least they don’t get us into wars. Ugh. I better stop typing because I’m getting sick to my stomach when I think about that man.


~ by Lynn Duffy on July 12, 2009.

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