Go Webbo

Rather pleased for Mark Webber – finally he gets a pole position.  I just hope he hasn’t gone very light in order to get it, because if it rains tomorrow (as forecast) the light fuel load won’t be such an advantage to him.  We’ll see in a few hours anyway.  Good to see McLaren coming back a bit, although I’ll wait to see if they can carry it beyond this one race…. the gap between Hamilton and Koveleinen is way over 1 second though, and that suggests the upgrades really are better.

Legard is really really really really starting to bug me.  Everyone is “pushing on”, and he doesn’t seem to have the capacity to keep track of the multiple streams of information that we have nowadays.  E.g. saying that Hamilton was in first place, Kovy in second, when in fact the cars were just being shown in numerical order because no-one had set a lap yet.  If I can work that out why on earth can’t he??  Poor old Martin B seems to have given up trying to give his usual technical insights while Legard is babbling.

Anyway, time to get moving.  Have to try to tidy some papers in Dad’s study while he’s not around to get in the way!  He’s getting better, but slowly… Uncle Michael is here and will hopefully lift his spirits.

One last thing.  How is it that after watching the next episode of the X-Files, I might pop onto TV.com and look at reviews (wading through them to find a couple written by people with a mental age that is in double digits) only to discover that people keep mentioning their clothes?  I mean (a) who cares and (b) why is it that other people notice these things and I don’t?  OK, the couple of times we’ve had Mulder or Skinner shirtless I might register that, but there seem to be people who have gone through these things to look at Scully’s suits, or count the number of times they wear trenchcoats. 🙂


~ by Lynn Duffy on July 11, 2009.

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